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Little Yasmino Little Sunflxwer

I’m Yasmin and I run the small business ‘Little Sunflxwer’

I created the brand after learning how to crochet in early 2020 during the pandemic after being inspired by my grandma and her crocheting skills which always baffled me.

It took me a very long time to get the hang of the basics, and due to my impatient nature, I nearly gave up many of times. But boy, am I glad that I didn’t.

During the lockdown period, I promoted myself on all social media platforms and built myself up on Instagram. I also made friends with a lot of other small business owners through this time and we all supported one another's work.

It grew more than I could have ever imagined, some days I wake up and have to pinch myself that there are people all over the world wearing my garments and seeing my work online. I have sold products to many countries including Australia, USA and even Japan.

Everything I make is created from my bedroom, which is a total jumble of yarn, hooks and unfinished projects. Much to my mum’s dismay – there are often little end scraps of yarn around the house too. But I am sure she wouldn’t have it any other way.

My goal is to get more people crocheting, and enjoying the art form of it. It helps me a lot with my anxiety and helps me escape from the real world just for the time I spend counting stitches and sewing on froggy faces. I worry about it dying out as many people see it as a ‘granny’ hobby, so I would love to inspire more young people to take it up.

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