Little Terry is an ex punk band guitarist, garage band lead vocalist and ska band guitarist/vocalist From Doncaster England who had had enough of being in bands and decided to go solo with his electro-acoustic geetar . Tez writes songs about Life, Science Fiction, war, love, peace, supermarkets, drunkards, the environment, corrupt politicians, stealing drinks, Bullying, jealousy, Newspaper stories and everything else in-between, he gets angry, soppy, melancholic, wishful, doubtful, happy, silly and bashful in equal measures he primarily uses Folk Country and Punk, occasionally laced with a dash of Reggae, Ska, pop and rock n roll when the mood so takes him, he puts in a shift on his live shows with energetic performances every time .

Little Terry is a regular gigging musician .

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DN11 9PA
DN11 9PA

Telephone: 07849 064 142

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'Johnny Half a Day by' Little Terry'Johnny Half a Day by' Little Terry

Johnny Half a Day by Little Terry