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FiveFive Designz Graffiti Artist / Street Art / Illustration / Digital Design

Straight outta Armthorpe, Doncaster and excelling in art at school, I got to study illustration at Church View College and then became a DJ...

Fast forward a few years acquiring extensive knowledge and experience in the print, design and sign writing industry in-between freelance art and design work, I eventually turned my passion of graffiti art into a business around 2014.

I work mainly with aerosol paint on walls or canvas, although the initial design process is usually created with pencil and/or a digital graphics tablet to provide a full visual proof for clients.

Specialising in Graffiti Murals, Street Art, Illustration and Digital Design, I aim to brighten up walls and spaces, freshen up your business and push myself onto bigger, better pieces of art... and hopefully make some people smile along the way.

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Telephone: 07475 746 823

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Shutter Graffiti VideoShutter Graffiti Video

Painted for Smokey Sams, Hillsborough, Sheffield